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Main lab’s objectives
The main objective of Bremerhaven lab is based on six dimensions:

  • Support socially disadvantaged neighborhoods and districts
  • Networking to improve community catering (children (school) and/or hospital, elderly care)
  • Increasing the supply of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, for example through the targeted cultivation of plants/herbs in urban gardening
  • Improving the nutrition education of people
  • Combating the nutritional poverty of children, the elderly and everyone who suffer from nutritional poverty
  • Expand regional supply chains (promotion local products)

How Bremerhaven thinks to achieve this objective
To do that, the City council desires to define new promotion policies.

Variables to monitor (they must be included in the platform)
The lab is interested in monitoring the promotion and users’ opinion of the local products, but also, they need generic statistical data to decide the most suitable promotion policies to be implemented.
Initially, the variables we have identified Bremerhaven is interested into are:

  • General population distribution (age and sex) in Bremen Region
  • Incomes distribution in Bremen Region (social development)
  • Distribution of economic activities (commerce, construction, etc.)
  • Location of urban gardens in the city
  • And other relevant information described in the provided fact sheet.


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