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Stories from the LAB


Bremerhaven    1nd LL Workshop





Bremerhaven   Action days "ISS MAL ANDERS"

20.-23.Sep 2022          

The action days are all about regional and sustainable nutrition. Alternative sources of protein, such as insects and "meat from plants", will be on the table, as will reduced-sugar organic products. Visitors can find out more about sustainable packaging solutions, regional nutrition and the work of the "Food Council for Bremerhaven, Cuxland and the surrounding area". Urban Pergola UG" will also be presenting its urban gardening technique for more greenery in the city. Regional producers will have the opportunity to exhibit goods on the "Shelf of Opportunities".   



Bremerhaven    2nd LL Workshop "Fair and regional KITA and school catering"

22.Sep 2022      

On 22 September, the think tank "Fair and regional KITA and school catering" took place as part of the action days, moderated and accompanied by Team Bremerhaven and Master's student Gereon Schmelter, who is writing his Master's thesis on the opportunities in a CRFS in Bremerhaven. 




Bremerhaven    1st Policy Lab / online  

17.Jan 2023       

The PL focused on the question: “What can regional and fair community catering in Bremerhaven and the surrounding area look like in 2030?

The question was discussed in working groups within the three main topics of production/processing, consumers and waste. As a result, three visionary statements have been developed.      



Nürnberg            exhibition booth from february at Trade fair BIOFACH

14. - 17.02.2023         

The annual BIOFACH in Nuremberg is the world's leading organic trade fair for organic food. 

Pitch event  16.02.2023      Biofach impuls/short speech about CITIES2030 an community catering  PP16 gave a presentation on CITIES2030 and community catering at the trade fair.    


Köln       Founding event of the network of food councils Germany


The network of food councils in Germany is driving forward the public debate about our food systems.

More Information >> Startseite Ernährungsräte.org - Ernaehrungsraete


Bremerhaven    Workshop "Potato cultivation in a bucket or tower"     


In the potato workshop, participants learnt how to successfully grow potatoes in pots or vertically on the balcony. This included the different planting methods, suitable soil, irrigation techniques and care measures.

In terms of nutritional content, participants learnt more about the different potato varieties and their respective nutritional profiles. An interactive chat group was formed in which photos and harvest successes were shared.




Bremerhaven   Panel discussion with politics Organized by food council “MOIN! – Ernährung”  


More Information >> 19.04.2023 Podiumsdiskussion mit der Politik (moin-ernaehrung.de)

YouTube Link (german language)





Bremerhaven    3rd LL Workshop "Edible City" , Goethe-Quartier


In April 2023, the CITIES2030 Living Lab on the topic of "Edible cities - how we can produce our own food" took place in Bremerhaven's Goethequartier. Together, we looked at how we can grow herbs, vegetables and fruit in public green spaces, on street islands, in backyards, front gardens, on roofs, balconies and unused fallow land, for example, and thus create productive and sustainable places in our city. The "Leher Pergolinchen" has been standing in the Goethequartier since last autumn and also invites people to join in.   




Bremerhaven    PodCast From the dyke into your ear: "The Lemon of the north- the potato/Enjoyment squared"            


Interview with Corinna Brand (P15) and Linda Bömm (P16) about: What is the secret of the potatoe? Why do we call it the lemon of the north and what do the Food Council and CITIES2030 have to do with the potatoe?  




Bremerhaven   6-course menu  / online Lectures            

23.05.2023 - 08.06.2023               

The CITIES2030 project team has organised six 15-minute keynote speeches on various policy areas of an integrated food policy. presentations around lunchtime, the CITIES2030 project team provided valuable information and food for thought and discussion.

We aimed to inspire representatives from politics and administration to develop an integrated food policy and to shape fair food environments.

To this end, we offered a six-part online series of short, to-the-point "info bites" - a political 6-course menu on the food transition.



Bremerhaven    2nd Policy Lab /present at Thieles Garden (special location)       


Goal: Sharpen the vision of fair/regional community catering in Bremerhaven and the surrounding area - Develop goals in line with the vision and, if necessary, collect measures - Collect initial ideas for a network for sustainable, fair and regional community catering in Bremerhaven and the surrounding area. Idea: “Festival of Sustainable living”    



Bremerhaven   LL Experiment "local bread for local kids" Internship days at a school     

28. - 30.06.2023               

The development of a regional food system has many facets and thrives on visionary ideas and creative solutions. One such innovation is a bread mix that has emerged from an experiment conducted by the cities2030 Bremerhaven project team with ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City, a bremerhaven based hotel with sustainable ambitions.

The project team attaches great value to transparency in the origin of the raw materials and enters into a dialogue with young people about regionality, climate protection, local added value and tasty food.

In collaboration with pupils from the Lloyd Gymnasium school in Bremerhaven, the project team tested and refined a bread mix with just regional ingredients and took a close look at the opportunities and challenges involved in establishing a regional supply chain. Because the more we know about the origin of raw materials, the greater is the understanding and appreciation of local products.         



Bremerhaven    PodCast From the dyke to your ear: "Scavanger Hunt/Get some fresh air"           

24. Juli 2023     

Corinna Brand (P15) interviews the Maker of the Scavengerhunt App and talks about CITIES2030 Scavengerhunt Challenge 2023 and the award ceremony at the Mega Event Maritime Dasy2023 in Bremerhaven



Bremerhaven   Scavenger Hunt Under the motto "Eat differently"

27. 07.23 - 10. 08.2023 

A total of 78 teams roamed the city for two weeks to solve riddles, complete tasks and produce funny videos and pictures. he Scavenger Hunt was an exciting excursion through our seaside city. The teams were able to familiarise themselves with the CITIES2030 project and explore the culinary side of the city at locations dedicated to food and sustainability in Bremerhaven.       




Bremerhaven    Bremerhaven heritage sailing vessel festival "Maritime Days 2023" on the "Science Mile" & public award ceremony for the winners of the Scavenger Hunt


The winning teams were be chosen in the CITIES2030 Pagoda on the Science Mile as part of the Martitime Days. The award ceremony took place as part of the Maritime Days on the Science Mile in the Pagoda of the Pier of Science/CITIES2030.!  




Bremerhaven    Policy Lab "SHORT & INFO" online     

Gereon Schmelter gives a presentation of his master thesis, followed by discussion 








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