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Living: Experiment #1

Origin Certification and Fraud Prevention of Short Food Supply Chains

Within the CITIES2030 Murska Sobota pilot will provide a solution for optimization of multi-stakeholder dialogue processes, in which blockchain will be employed to provide some proof of concepts of monetization processes, in a reliable and transparent way. In order to ensure transparency, traceability and trust of the local food production, blockchain technology (BC) presents the natural technology fit in the so-called SFSC.

Use case

Each SFSC stakeholder (except the consumer) is going to be equipped with a BC-related digital identity, whereby every SFSC stop will handle a BC transaction, digitally signed by a registered and verified SFSC stakeholder (e.g. producer, delivery service etc.). Each BC transaction will handle basic BC-related information (i.e., timestamp, digital identity, signature), as well as specific food (i.e., type, harvest region, harvest datetime, etc.) and logistic related information (i.e., LOT number, type, etc.). The proposed end-system will also enable the storage of digital proofs (i.e., harvest or delivery photos etc.), which can be stored on a related IPFS or Swarm network. The BC network involved will consist of a Hyperledger Besu (Ethereum) Consortium Type BC network.

Delivery from farmer to Green point logistic center
CITIES_2030_Murska_Sobota_pilot_city 2.jpg
Delivery from farmer to Green point logistic center
CITIES_2030_Murska_Sobota_pilot_city 3.jpg
Product placement with scannable QR code in the store
CITIES_2030_Murska_Sobota_pilot_city 4.jpg
Application providing more data on the product for the consumer (location, pictures and dates ranging from planting to growing stage and final picking)

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