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(4) Policy Lab: general overview

The policy labs are an important opportunity for Vicenza to design and start developing its local CRFS, in close synergy with the living labs.

In the framework of Cities2030 Project, in order to define its roadmap and Action Plan, Vicenza has:

  • developed the organisational framework, which includes 3 main levels: the political (Food Policy Group), the technical (Technical Working Group) and the stakeholders one (Local Stakeholders Working Group)
  • launched the activities of the Food Policy Group and the Technical Working Group,
  • mapped the most important public and private stakeholders and organised diverse initiatives to dialogue with them
  • assessed the local context ( e.g., mapping and better understanding of the initiatives already in place related to food and sustainability, including for a “plastic free” and greener city. Specific focus on social services and school cafeterias, agriculture/farming (including beekeeping), food supply-chain and food-related commercial activities. Mapping and better understanding also of initiatives organised at a local level by CSOs, NGOs and no-profit entities, business organisationabout/related to food and sustainability...)

Accordingly, two main needs emerged, which are at the basis of the Cities2030 Vicenza Food Lab, with specific regards to the policy lab.

Slide_policy lab context analysis png.png


More in detail, 3 main objectives are considered pivotal in the vision of the Cities2030 Vicenza Food Lab:

Slide_policy lab objectives png.png


One of the key elements characterising the smart objectives elaborated by the Cities2030 Vicenza Food Lab is the idea that the participatory approach is crucial because the policy lab aims at designing the urban Food Policy as a structural and shared "community project".

Slide_policy lab smart objectives png.png



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