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Policy Lab: Activities

Pre-procurement negotiation tables

  • 3/02/2023, Smiltene, Smiltene municipality
  • 10/02/2023, Bīriņi, Vidriži Parish, Limbaži Municipality
  • 17/02/2023, Ērgļi, Ērgļi Municipality

Vidzeme Planning Region together with the Latvian Rural Forum organized 3 pre-procurement negotiation tables with municipalities and other food system stakeholders, on efficient green public food products or catering service procurement's at education institutions. The purpose of the meeting was to identify problematic issues and solutions for improving food green procurement in the relevant territory, including support tools for local producers, revision of menus in institutions, strengthening the transparency of supply chains.

Apala_galda_diskusijas_03022023.jpeg Smiltene_1.jpg Smiltene_2.jpg

Pre-procurement negotiation table, Smiltene

Birini_1.jpeg Birini_2.jpeg Birini_3.jpeg

Pre-procurement negotiation table, Bīriņi

Ergli_1.jpeg Ergli_2.jpeg Ergli_3.jpeg

Pre-procurement negotiation table, Ērgļi

Online meetings with stakeholders on green procurement and short food chains

  • 15/02/2023 (online)
  • 12/04/2023 (online)
  • 15/06/2023 (6. Latvian Rural Communities Parliament, Ērgļi, Latvia)
  • 31/10/2023 (online)

Latvian Rural Forum together with partners from Latvia set up working group involving stakeholders from Ministries, agencies, planning regions, research institutions, control institutions and other organizations with aim to share information on work they do regarding food policy, short food chains and procurement. First two meetings were organized online, involving representatives from Vidzeme and Kurzeme Planning regions, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Food and Veterinary Service, Procurement Monitoring Bureau, Department of Bioeconomy, Latvian Rural Consultation and Education Centre and Association of Diet and Nutrition Specialists of Latvia. All participants shared their expertise on green food procurement, food policy  and their interests and future plans. The main idea of these meetings were to share updates on work each of participating organizations has done and plan to do on improvement of green procurement procedures and promotion of short food chains. The third meeting toom place during 6th Latvian Rural Communities Parliament in Ērgļi, where during the session participants worked on practical plan how to improve green procurement procedures. 


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