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The trade fair serves as a vital link between the community and the thriving local businesses of Quart de Poblet, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation within the town. This annual event is a testament to the municipality's commitment to its residents and entrepreneurs, creating an environment where both can benefit.

Throughout the event, visitors can find information points and stalls set up by exhibitors, providing a valuable platform for local businesses to showcase their products and services to the public. These exhibitors serve as ambassadors of the town's entrepreneurial spirit, engaging directly with citizens and potential customers.

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The Town Hall plays a pivotal role in orchestrating this event, primarily through its Department of Economic Promotion. This department's dedicated efforts ensure that the trade fair is a resounding success, contributing to the economic growth of Quart de Poblet.

Within the larger event, a designated area is reserved for activities and initiatives orchestrated by the local administration. It is in this space that the Quart és Europa Department seizes the opportunity to engage with its citizens. This department acts as a bridge, facilitating communication between the local government and the community, enabling them to be better informed about the values and objectives of the various projects underway.

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One project that takes center stage during the trade fair is the Cities 2030 initiative. This visionary project outlines the town's goals and aspirations for the coming decade. The Quart és Europa Department places a special emphasis on communicating the significance of this project to the public, underlining how it will shape the future of Quart de Poblet. Citizens are invited to learn, discuss, and offer their valuable input to ensure that these goals align with the aspirations and needs of the community.

Likewise,  the Quart de Poblet trade fair transcends its role as a mere congregation of local businesse and it stands as a vibrant event that fortifies the connections between the community and its entrepreneurial tapestry. This occasion not only celebrates the town's economic vitality but also serves as a forum for the local government to actively connect with its citizens, championing transparency and cultivating a profound sense of unity. The strong emphasis on initiatives like Cities 2030 underscores Quart de Poblet's unwavering dedication to a more brilliant and prosperous future, forged through the collaborative endeavors of its residents.

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Quart és Europa was proud to have its own space at the Valencia Digital Summit, an internationally renowned technology event held at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. This summit served as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and investors, consolidating itself as an event of great relevance in the technological field.

Quart és Europa’s participation in this prestigious technological event represented a unique opportunity to highlight and promote its initiatives and projects related to technological advancement and innovation in the city, highlighting in particular the CITIES 2030 programme together with the different stakeholders that could participate in the project. By having its own space at the Valencia Digital Summit, the department had the valuable opportunity to present its programs, encourage the exchange of ideas and establish fundamental connections with leading players in the world of technology and investment. It should be noted that the support of various figures at the regional level played a very important role in this process.

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This event, held in a setting as iconic as the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, underlines the importance and attractiveness of the region in the technological field at international level. The presence of entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and investors provides an ideal framework for collaboration, learning and creating synergies that can drive growth and technological development in Quart de Poblet and beyond.

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Quart és Europa’s participation in the Valencia Digital Summit also marked a significant milestone in its commitment to promoting technology and innovation in the region. This consolidated event in the technology field provided a valuable platform for networking, promoting projects and placing Quart de Poblet on the technology map internationally.

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Fireta de Nadal 2022

In December 2022, Quart és Europa held an exciting event, the "Fireta de Nadal", which took place on 26 and 27. During this festive occasion, the commitment to the Cities2030 project and the promotion of sustainable food was demonstrated. In addition, recreational activities were organized that involved attendees in the theme of sustainable food, such as games and dynamics related to this crucial aspect.

The "Fireta de Nadal" not only celebrated the Christmas season, It also served as a unique opportunity to raise awareness and educate the community about the importance of responsible food practices and the positive impact they can have on our cities and urban environments.

Fireta 1.PNG

During the event, the relevance of the Cities2030 project was highlighted, which seeks to shape the future of Quart de Poblet in a more sustainable way and focused on improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. The promotion of sustainable food fits perfectly into this vision, as it is a fundamental component for the well-being of the community and the care of the urban environment.

Fireta 2.PNG

The recreational activities and games related to sustainable food not only provided entertainment to the attendees, but also playfully transmitted the principles of responsible and sustainable food. This helped raise community awareness about the importance of making informed decisions about the food we eat and how these choices can positively impact the environment and health.

Fireta 3.PNG

In short, the "Fireta de Nadal" of Quart es Europa not only celebrated Christmas, but also became an educational and playful space to promote awareness about sustainable food and the Cities2030 project. This event demonstrated how celebrating festivities can serve as a platform to inspire positive change in the community and strengthen commitment to a more sustainable future.

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Paella at the Town Hall 2022

In December 2022, a highly significant event was held at the City Hall, with the aim of connecting and collaborating closely with stakeholders from Quart és Europa. During this special occasion, a welcoming atmosphere was created around a paella, where key people gathered in the community. The objective of this meeting was to share and disseminate the various proposals promoted by the City Council, all aimed at boosting local trade and products in the area through the European CITIES 2030 program.

Paella 1.PNG

This event not only served to nurture the relationship between Quart és Europa and its partners and allies, but also to promote understanding and adherence to initiatives aimed at strengthening the local economy. Through this meal, a space was created where ideas and solutions were intertwined with local flavors, highlighting the importance of a collaborative and sustainable approach in the promotion of trade and proximity products. This event was a tangible example of how collaboration and dialogue can have a positive impact on the local economic fabric and contribute to the goals of the CITIES 2030 programme.

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Workshop app Blockchain 2023

On 30 May 2023, Quart és Europa marked a milestone by holding a fundamental workshop. This event was intended to test a mobile app designed to track and verify the traceability of food products, with a specific focus on identifying their origin. Implementation is an integral part of the European CITIES2030 project, an ambitious programme supported by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme, with the active participation of 41 partner organisations from more than 10 European countries.

workshop 1.PNG

In close collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, from Quart és Europa we are promoting the development of this revolutionary mobile application based on "Blockchain" technology. Its functionality is extraordinary: it allows users to scan food products and reveal their origin. The underlying purpose is to promote the consumption of local and local products, thereby strengthening the local supply chain and promoting sustainability.

workshop 2.PNG

This joint effort seeks to transform the way we perceive and consume food, adding a new level of transparency and trust to the food industry. The workshop held on the aforementioned date not only represented an important step in this direction, but also underlines the importance of collaboration and innovation on the road to a more sustainable and conscious food system.

workshop 3.PNG



AVAASAJA, the Valencian Association of Young Farmers, based in Polinyà del Xúquer, plays an essential role as one of our key stakeholders in the CITIES 2030 project. Their collaboration is essential to share synergies and promote the application of biotechnology with the aim of enriching the mineral and nutritional quality of food grown in the fruit and vegetable industry.
At a recent meeting held at its facilities, the relevance of this technology was highlighted, which not only benefits consumers by improving the quality of food products, but also represents significant progress in improving agricultural production and sustainable development. AVAASAJA stands as a strategic partner that drives innovation in agriculture and contributes to the well-being of the community by promoting healthier and higher quality food.
The supercharged solution they promote gives agri-food industries the ability to add value to their final products through innovative fertilization and post-harvest methods. This, in turn, contributes to promoting a healthier diet and lifestyle and fostering the CITIES 2030 project.



Fireta de Nadal 2023

As last year, another year has been celebrated "the Fireta de Nadal" of Quart de Poblet with the aim of promoting the European Projects department and the Cities 2030 project. For this, from Quart és Europa we have designed a game aimed at children, in which you can know the food chain and thus promote sustainable and environmentally friendly food. 


In this way, the game consisted of memorizing the cards with food and trying to make pairs with them. With the main objective that children as well as can recognize the food of the game, can do so in supermarkets with sustainable products and proximity.



Reception at the town hall

In December 2023, there was a reception at the city hall with the aim of discussing with the partners and stakeholders the purposes of the city council, as well as the CITIES 2030 project.


For this, as last year, has tried to design this meeting with an assortment of local food. As well as, ham, cava or cakes and sweets from Quart de Poblet.


It has also made the celebration of this event a transcendent meeting through the extensive knowledge of local administration employees and stakeholders of Quart de Poblet.


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