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Living: Action plan

Agrotopia action plan

1. Activities and measures


Rough timing




Introductive 1-2-1 sessions with each city2030 Living lab

June-August 2022

Ine Pertry (IP)


Input on capacity needs

12 living labs engaged in 1-2-1 session

Planning and preparation of webinars on selected topics

August - September 2022

IP on brainstorms

Arganda & Murska LL questionnaires

Cilento on hackatons

Training material developed

Series of powerpoints available in correlate

Series of Webinars on active user involvement

  1. How to brainstorm - intro
  2. Brainstorm methods part 1
  3. Brainstorm Methods part 2
  4. How to hackaton
  5. Questionnaires do’s and don’ts











LL facilitators trained

1-2-1 coaching sessions of Cities2030 LL

Throughout the project



Strengthen LL capacity

Individual sessions held

Development of a LL challenge and experience exchange program : via online platform + videoconferences

September 2022 + active throughout project



Development and implementation of one LL trajectory in Agrotopia as training example

Topic: use of alternative water sources for fertigation of tomato (H2Orti)

May – October 2023

Simon Craeye (SC)


Webinar on Challenges, Lessons Learned and Best Practices based on previous LL-trajectories (like H2Orti)

Spring 2024



Strengthen LL-capacity
Digital info available

Development of Agrotopia living lab info material

Throughout the project

Maarten Ameye (MA)


Digital info available

Agrotopia Demonstration visits for stakeholders of the city region food system

Throughout the project



Stakeholders involved on living lab approach and examples

Agrotopia Inspiration visits for project partners

Throughout the project



Strengthen LL-capacity

2. Resources 
Training sessions will be developed & hosted by the Agrotopia living lab coordinator
As Agrotopia has no experience in hackatons/questionnaires other LLs will provide this knowledge

3. Collaboration
Describe multi-actor approach,  actors and protocols with cities and regions: not applicable

4. Risk assessment 
Analyze potential barriers, risk limitations i.e factors that can potentially hinder the completion of each step: coaching sessions, clinics and webinars are on mandatory basis so will potentially not reach all LL facilitators
Add risk elimination and mitigation tasks to the action plan template: involve LLs in determining the needs/content of the training program

5. Plan the continuity beyond project time frame
Daily management of Agrotopia is implemented in Inagro’s research infrastructure and will continue beyond the project timeline. Specific LL projects/trajectories are subject to additional funding (public or private funding). For each potential living lab topic, a project proposal is developed to attempt project funding.

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