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Living: engagement actions

Check out what we are doing in the framework of Vejle's Cities2030 lab below. We work with a combination of actual experiments where we have defined specific goals and actions with local stakeholders, but also engagement activities where we find opportunities to meet and listen to the needs of different stakeholders and their interests of collaboration on Cities2030 themes.

Finally we work to align the Cities2030 agenda and platform to the policies and development strategies of Vejle municipality.  


Current activities  

Gastro Crowd


What is it: Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv is the creator of GastroCrowd, a learning network, for people that shares a common love for food. The network is for chefs and people, who are passionate about gastronomy, wants to gain more knowledge and push their boundaries. A space for geeks, where you will get the chance to learn everything from taste, technique to innovation. GastroCrowd gathers a synergy of the best chefs, culinary experts and physicists to share ideas, tips and tricks. But the network also contributes to find solutions to social and lifestyle challenges. See more: https://culinaryinstitute.dk/EN/gastrocrowd-1/ 

Who is involved: Companies, Foodies, Academia 

How it works: As a member of GastroCrowd you will get access to a large network of chefs, culinary experts, scientists and business leaders. We offer three different membership solutions, designed for people in the food and restaurant industry. We are focused on creating a universe, where you're able to share your knowledge and ideas in a community with other passionate foodies.


Green Choicecollage.png

What is it: Vejle's Green Choice is an initiative to create awareness and engagement in green transition aimed at retail and consumer level. Through a visual identity ("Vejle's Green Choice") and various artefacts like doormat, stickers etc. shops can put focus on their specific green choices. The campaign is meant to (a) get in dialogue with retail stores on what are their opportunities to make green choices (b) create awareness of what they are doing already and labeling it (c) discover pathways for more green choices and (d) enter in dialgoue with customers on their expectatoins and ideas. 

Who is involved: RETAIL AND FOOD SERVICE in Vejle city. The municipality has fostered the campaign through a European project CRETHINK. However the platform is open for engagement and the Cities2030 Lab is using the framework to meet and engage with food-related retail and food service to identify potential ideas and stakeholders for experiments.

How it works The visual identity is voluntary for retail stores to show but is meant as a positive branding and dialogue starter. The municipality (Green Forum + Vejle Cities2030 lab) together with the retail forum "City Vejle" are working with 20+ retailers to screen their potential.  


Future activities  

Green Forum

Who is involved: CITIZENS


Climate Coordination Group


Food Communtiy

Who is involved: Young People (15-30), facilitated by municipality 


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