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Policy Lab: VE-GO-RA

Velika Gorica focus areas

  • Short value chains (e.g. school scheme and city market)
  • How can the city procurement be a lever for more consumption of local food?
  • Connecting food producers by showing them the benefits of collaboration
  • Creating a plan for self-sustainability and connecting that plan/strategy of Velika Gorica city with Zagreb county's policies and goals
  • Creating momentum with other stakeholders which can produce food by themselves (e.g. kindergartens)
  • Fostering new start-ups in the FOOD2030/city region food system framework, e.g. circular economic business models, Smart Food etc.
  • Exploring the potential for circular economic business models


P08 VEGO role in Policy Lab

  • Identify the current situation with regard to activities and indicators
  • Make a proposal for the food management process at the local, regional and national levels.
  • Be a contact between local and regional government institutions and the project team
  • Identify local key stakeholders from different government sectors
  • Facilitate access to information needed for project development
  • Create preconditions for further development and increase of efficiency of production systems, short supply chains - distribution chains of food supply and recycling, with cities as carriers of activities



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