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Greetings from and welcome to Muğla CRFS Labs. Muğla CRFS Labs develops especially in the fisheries and more globally seafood value chains. Muğla CRFS Labs connects with organic aquaculture, microalgaes, microalgae-assisted integrated multi-trophic aquaculture to deliver healthy, sustainable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, especially to the schooling sphere.mugla004.jpg

Muğla CRFS Lab is composed by two specific sphere:
1) the policy sphere, labelled "CRFS Policy Lab", and;
2) the technology, business and social sphere, labelled "CRFS Living Lab"

CRFS Policy Labs (CRFS-PL) are events in time and space to identify policy-based challenges in food systems, and implement system thinking activities to explore pathways for solutions via defining action plans, measures, pathways, and accompanying measures. For example: new education and training structures and resources needed to implement sustainable CRFS policy framework for policy-makers, or renewed policy frameworks to foster healthier and more sustainable food provision in the schooling sphere.

CRFS Living Labs (CRFS-LL) have the same format but they are established to identify challenges in food systems related to technology, business and the society. They also implement system thinking activities to explore pathways for solutions. For example, a social innovation pathway e.g., co-creating a food sharing economic model to decrease 30% food waste in the fisheries sector by 2030, or a technology innovation pathway e.g., implementing nature-based solution to decrease 30% nutrients leaching in land-based farming by 2030.

Muğla CRFS Lab furthers the conventional Multi Actor Approach (MMA) and practices a Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (F2M), inspired by FAO practices, and which are proven best practices to facilitate innovation cycles as such, foster demand-driven innovation action frameworks, pipelines and action tracks,

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Local food

and more evidence-based FoodNexus levers for change, supported by the genuine and sufficient involvement of various actors all along the project: from the participation in the planning of work and experiments, their execution, possible demonstration phase, up until the dissemination of results.

Muğla CRFS Lab implements MMA virtual roundtable every month (agenda and invitation will circulate rapidly), occasionally many time a month.

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