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The special focus of the Lahti Living Lab is to integrate the users into the innovation processes of public and private sector innovation and development focusing on all dimensions of sustainability and digitalization. Lahti Living Lab consists of different stakeholders and is coordinated by the LUT University, Lahti Campus. Smart & Lean Hub Oy is a trusted partner of Lahti Living Lab.

Lahti Living Lab is situated in the Päijät-Häme region in southern Finland. The region has app. 200 000 inhabitants, which makes the region large enough for piloting user-centered applications for public and private services.

Lahti Living Lab is a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).





Indicators Baseline Achieved Goals
Emissions in Lahti in 2020 is 1188 ktCO2e (link) 1188 ktCO2e Positive contribution 400 ktCO2e (2030)
Waste management impact on emissions (link).   Positive contribution -50% ktCO2e (2030)
The Päijät-Häme municipal waste recycling rate in 2020 was 43%. The goal for 2030 is 60% (link) 43% Positive contribution 60% (2030)
Food self-sufficiency in Finland in 2022 is 80% (link) 80% Positive contribution >80%
Initiated Bokashi experiments at households   10 10
Delivered Bokash blogs (1 A4) and videos shared at web-page (https://smartlean.fi/?s=bokashi), Linkedin and Facebook. 13 blogs and 1 video are made by the experimentalists.   14 blogs, 3 video 20
Bokashi experiment: 27 Lahti Living Lab core participants, incl. stakeholders. 2 of the participants are men. Through the 10 experimentalists' own networks, more than 100 people received information about bokashi and the experiment. About 25% of them were men.
IoT-equipped bio composter experiment:
Total number of stakeholders that have been in the loop: 27 person, of which 18 are women.
  27 + 27

Bokashi experiment: Lahti Living Lab posting reviews at social media: At least 1,000 likes and more than 12,000 post views were achieved through continuous social media communication via several Linkedin and Facebook accounts.
IoT-equipped bio composter experiment:
100 likes, about 8000 views
  13 000+8 000 1 000
Innovations: SMARTY: IoT-equipped bio composter experiment   1 1
Best practice: Timely, versatile, and multi-actor nudging framework to promote food waste reuse and circulation to the new regime.   1 1
Bokashi experiment:
Improvements: (1) Created an open data base, and PowerBi web-solution to visualise the data. The data is shared at Finnish open data platform on 23.9.2022. (2) In the Lahti region, there are now a force of 10 experts of experience who are volunteers to give their insight to bokashi beginners on request.
IoT-equipped bio composter experiment:
Improvements:Revised SMARTY, Extended target group for SMARTY,Focused metrics,Inbuilt scalability,SMARTY third parties
  2+5 2


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