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The territory "Terras de Sicó" is located in the Central Region of Portugal, encompassing the entire area of the Municipalities of Alvaiázere, Ansião, Condeixa-a-Nova, Penela, Pombal and Soure around the Serra de Sicó massif, totaling a approximate total of 1,500 km2.


"TERRAS DE SICÓ - Development Association" is an association governed by private law, created in 1995, giving a clear response to the expansion of partnerships for the development of the territory, centered on the Serra de Sicó massif - central Portugal -, adding new tasks to those initiated in 1988 when the Association of Municipalities of Serra de Sicó - ADSICÓ was created - then the first step in the technical and political assumption of the sub-region.


We were in the first cycle of Local Power when the mayors of Alvaiázere, Ansião, Condeixa-a-Nova, Penela, Pombal and Soure understood at the time - today a good memory! - that the physical territorial contiguity around the Serra de Sicó massif needed a political scale, affirming an inter-municipal project of local development for the benefit of its populations - a space for active solidarity!

In 1995, for a broader intervention, ADSICÓ then encouraged the creation of TERRAS DE SICÓ, being itself the first subscriber to a project together with 24 other institutions in the territory (representatives of the economic, technical-professional education, financial, cultural and recreational and social solidarity).

After another ten years, we can now say that TERRAS DE SICÓ was a clear commitment to the organization of private agents around public responsibilities and competencies, creating a territorial project and a reference brand.

Speaking today about TERRAS DE SICÓ - Development Association is to affirm a plural project in favor of local development and its populations, concentrating efforts on global marketing, the study and promotion of tourist products, the organization of spaces and new market opportunities, the generalization and diversification of small investments in the various economic, social and cultural sectors.

TERRAS DE SICÓ has always known how to interpret a position of responsible balance between the defense of local interests and constant participation in other spheres of regional, national and international scope, - we evaluate ourselves in Conferences and Congresses over time! - building a model that is now the subject of study and, above all, a preferred partner in development actions and projects. TERRAS DE SICÓ thus ceased to represent an effort with local and regional repercussions to become part of an organized and solid network capable of asserting a creative and participatory model of intervention in the Rural World.

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